My name is Max Erskine, and I’m an audio engineer that works out of a small private studio in Scottsville, Kentucky. I've spent most of my life working with music in some way or another and over the years my love of audio has only increased alongside my experience and skills. It all started in 6th grade when I downloaded audacity on my moms Windows XP laptop and decided to try recording the song I wrote on guitar. We had a dinky little computer mic with a 3.5mm jack so I figured out how to use it with audacity, duct taped it to a chair, clicked record. From that moment on I knew I wanted to work with music. After a few years, i went on to buy my first audio interface and microphones. I got a Tascam US122 MK-11 interface and Audio Technica AT2020 Package for Christmas on my 8th-grade year and just dove into the world of recording. The Tascam interface came with Cubase LE and I learned most of the basics through trial and error. I recorded everything I thought of and anyone that would let me. As high school came to an end, I decided to look for a school to go to in order to further polish my craft, that's when I found out about MTSU. I went to MTSU to get a degree in “Recording Industry: Audio Production” with a minor in “Entertainment Technology. During my time there I got a lot of experience working with various other engineers, producers, artists, and more. I took a variety of classes including multitrack recording, mixing, mastering, MIDI, Virtual Instruments, Pro Tools, Ableton, and more. These experiences helped give me the information and capabilities I have no as a college graduate, Now that I graduated college, I’ve moved to Kentucky and have decided to take my place in the recording industry. I've started a small studio with plans to expand over the years, collected a variety of equipment and tools, and have the ambition to enable others to get the most out of their sound.

Scottsville, Kentucky     |     |     270-202-4673